Hello and Welcome to this One Stop Braille Books Information for the Visually Challenged friends.

This is the collective information of the Braille books that are scattered at various Schools, Institutes, Individuals. Various individuals has spent hours making these books in Braille. They expected nothing in return. The sole purpose of their toil was to enable the Visually Challenged friends.

As a welcome change, some of our publisher friends have started making soft copies of the books available for Braille conversion. Mauj Prakashan and Indrayani Prakashan are the notable examples. How things will change if the society in general starts awakening like this for different need of different people. Congratulations for their efforts.

Similar is the purpose of this library. To make the result of these endless and tireless efforts available on a wider scale. To everybody on this planet who wish to read them. We wish to display information about Braille books available in India. Scripts or languages are of no importance. We invite different Institutes and NGOs to share their information here for the benefit of the entire Visually challenged community in India. Let us join hands for the benefit of the society.

This information is expected to prevent wastage of priceless efforts while making another book, if it is already made by someone else. It is better to procure that book, instead of making a new one. Not only the information of completed books should be helpful, but also the information of books that are under preparation.

We also realised that, apart from Printed Books, there are a good number of Talking Books in use. So now we have included Talking Books as well, in our list of books.